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Entering into a working relationship with us implies that you agree to the terms and conditions of our writing service. Kindly read these terms and conditions carefully to familiarize yourself with the rules that applies every time you place an order with us.

Our customer support service is available 24/7 to enable you to ask for clarifications and have your concerns addressed any time you raise them.

Paying for the service

Placing an order at abc.com indicates that you accept the terms and conditions of our service and that you authorize charges on your credit card or any other means of payment for the price specified on our site for the offered service.

Note that, using a credit card or other payment methods in unauthorized ways amount to a criminal offense and it is highly prohibited by the law. We closely cooperate with payment processing companies and relevant government agencies in combating, preventing and prosecuting cyber crime and online fraud. Be informed that unauthorized use of stolen cards shall be reported and investigated by law enforcement agencies.

Use of the delivered product

All research papers, dissertations, term papers, book reports, reviews and other written assignments delivered by abc.com are meant for reference or research use only. They must be used within the conventions of international copyright laws. We shall not be responsible for any failure to read and understand materials that will be covered by the delivered assignments and improper use of the research they shall contain.
Our papers and other written assignments are not intended for submission but for assisting you in crafting your own papers and essays. Due to this reason, abc.com shall not be held responsible for the consequences or outcome of submitting such products to an academic institution. Please note that we only guarantee you the standards of our research and writing.

Research sources

Abc.com reserves the right to determine the materials to use in completing the requested work or document. We can use journals, books, online publications, interviews and other sources to complete your order. However, you can specify in your order instructions sources that you want us to use or ignore. We welcome supplementary information that can be useful in completing the order successfully.

If there are sources that you specify in your order and are essential in the completion of the order, we expect that you will provide the sources to us within the acceptable time-frame. Please note that we shall not be responsible for delays that will arise from non-recipient of such information or material as well as general unresponsiveness of the customer. We offer our writing service through the internet. Our assumption is that you are able to access the required equipment for receiving and sending information online.


Our goal is to offer you custom essays and other written assignments that meets and surpasses your expectations. To achieve this goal, we must know what exactly you want from us. Your instructions will be the basis of our research and the entire writing process. As such, you must be specific and clear while adding the requirements of your order.

Please be informed that you will have an opportunity to confirm the final instructions while providing details of your order. This will enable you to avoid unfair claims and misunderstandings that may arise due to non-full or non-clear instructions that lead to disputes when the order is already completed.

Kindly do the following while placing an order:

Post instructions that you want the writer to follow in the order form
Please login at the order tracking area to check the order instructions. Edit or add instructions if necessary and then click the final confirmation button.

Clicking on the final confirmation button gives the writer a go-ahead and they can start working on the order.

Note that the writer should confirm that they understand the requirements of the order and they may ask for additional information or clarification if anything is not clear. As such, we advise you to maintain communication with us until both sides confirm the instructions.

You should confirm the instructions of your order within 3 hours in the order tracking area after placing an order.

Be informed that orders whose instructions will not be confirmed shall not be handled and their delivery maybe delayed.

Abc.com guarantees you that a paper, essay or any other written assignment that meets your confirmed requirement shall be delivered to you. Changing instructions after confirmation is impermissible. Alterations of any kind to the instructions shall be regarded as additional work that requires additional payment.


Once you place an order for your essay, dissertation, term paper, research paper or any other writing assignment, you are confidently assured that you will receive a final product that meets your needs. Due to this reason, we offer you guarantees that enhances your confidence that you will get the best value of the money that you invest in our service.

They are as follows:

Assignments delivered by abc.com are entirely original, plagiarism-free and customized to your specific requirements.

Your paper, essay or any other written assignment will never be resold, distributed or reproduced for any reason or in any form.

You will get your order delivered within the deadline that you specify while placing the order

Personal information including that which identifies as our previous or present client is confidential and secure. Other parties shall not have access to this information without your consent.


You are entitled to free revisions on receiving the completed assignments if the delivered papers, essays or other written assignments fail to meet your defined requirements or instructions in any way. In this case, you can ask for as many revisions as it may deem necessary to make the paper or essay compliant and consistent with your requirements. However, the entitlement will expire after 14 days from the moment the first copy of the essay or paper is delivered to you. During this duration, you can make a request for revision any time.

Abc.com acknowledges the fact that orders have varying complexity levels and sizes. As such, theses, dissertations and other reasonably large assignments are granted a period of 30 days within which revision requests should be made from the time when the first copy is delivered. Our administrative personnel shall determine the reasonability of the length and size of your paper, essay or any other written assignment.
All revisions shall be based on the instructions provided in the initial order. If you provide new, differing or additional instructions while making a revision request, abc.com shall interpret this as a new order and thus, additional payment shall be required. Additionally, if you request for a free revision after the provided grace period, the request shall also be treated as new work and you will be required to make additional payment.
If a revision request is not made within the entitled period, we shall tacitly conclude that you are satisfied by the delivered work and that no further actions need to be taken on the order unless you make extra payment or place a new order.


Abc.com acknowledges the fact that under some circumstances an order might be cancelled. When this happens, the customer is entitled to a full refund as long as the order has not been started, completed, delivered or downloaded. When an order has been cancelled and a refund has been requested, the funds shall be debited into the account that made the initial payment within 5 to 7 business days starting from the order cancellation date.

Abc.com shall assess a refund request separately since there are unique reasons for requesting for a refund. If you feel that it is necessary that you request for a refund, please forward your order to the quality assurance department. The department will compare your reasons for dissatisfaction and their findings and take the appropriate corrective actions. Any refund request must be made within 14 days of downloading or electronic delivery of the first copy of the written assignments that has caused your dissatisfaction.

In case the money is reimbursed due to irrelevance of initial instructions or mistakes, the quality assurance department shall evaluate the work’s quality and then refund you an amount that is comparable to the portion or percentage of the mistakes in the work or the incorrect content.
We have different methods that you can use to contact us. They include email, message board, telephone or live chat. These methods will enhance your communication with us. Our customer support service is available round the clock and you can use any method that is convenient to you to communicate with us. Our customer support representatives will respond to your request for a refund or any other issue instantly. However, such a request must be received via the aforementioned means within 14 days for abc.com to honor it or consider the request.

In the event that delivery of the order is delayed by unexpected circumstances on the side of abc.com , compensation shall be provided for breaching the deadline of the order in the credit form or discount that will apply in the next order. Please note that deviation in delivery time is not a subject for a refund.


At abc.com we strive to protect your credit and personal information. To do this effectively, we have established a verification procedure that entails confirming authenticity of the order and that cardholder knows about the charges by calling them. In some cases, additional documents may be requested for verification with the Risk department.

To ensure that your order is delivered on time, this procedure must be completed without delay. As such, it is important that you provide a valid and accurate phone number. Unverified orders are likely to be cancelled or indefinitely placed on hold status.

Note that if you are not comfortable about submitting your documents for security reasons, you can use PayPal to pay for our service since it does not require you to perform such verification procedures. Orders that you pay via PayPal shall be verified via phone only

Since abc.com is determined to protect you against disorderly dispute and fraudulent, be informed about the following measures. A chargeback implies that you agree to give up your rights to a project automatically. It also means that you authorize us to publish your completed order and to start the authorship procedure that shall allow the company to determine whether you have used parts of the delivered project. This procedure includes posting your details online alongside the completed project as well as contacting officials from your school.